Why Illustrator Christine Nishiyama Teaches on Skillshare

Christine nishiyama Found financial stability and professional confidence teaching on Skillshare – you can too. 

Illustrator and writer Christine Nishiyama shares how teaching on Skillshare gave her the confidence and financial stability she needed to freelance. Though she initially doubted her ability to teach, Christine now teaches 17 classes and has over 19k Skillshare followers. Ready to launch your freelance career?


I’ve always liked to take big chunks of information and break them down into little chunks, so I thought that I would be good at teaching but I didn’t think that I felt like enough of an expert to warrant making a class.

I’m Christine Fleming, and I teach illustration on Skillshare.

One day, I was like, “Well, I could use some extra money. Maybe this could turn into something.” So I made a class on scientific illustration. It did okay - I got about a hundred students. Then I just decided to make another class, and each class I made after that has just grown and grown from there. There was someone that said that teaching is the best way to learn and I think that that’s really true. I’ve learned so much about illustration just in teaching the classes.

One of the biggest things about Skillshare is that it’s given me the financial stability to be able to freelance. Skillshare has increased my confidence in my career and it goes both ways - Skillshare helps me feel more confident in illustration and illustration helps me feel more confident in Skillshare. So they’re both growing together as my career grows.