Top Tips for Social Media Journalism from Jarrett Hill

Jarrett Hill was just a journalist watching the Republican convention--and then he broke the biggest story of the week. Check out his top tips for social media reporting.

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1. Always Be Writing

Jarrett Hill: I think it's important to just be writing, even if you're sharing it on your Facebook page or on your Twitter account. If you're either not affiliated with a news agency or a blog, start one. 

2. Don't Assume You're Late to the Story

JH: The one thing that I got really wrong was, I thought everyone had heard what I heard and knew what I knew at that moment. Don't assume that everyone knows what you know. If you can verify it and you know that it's accurate, share that information. That's how news breaks a lot of times, especially in this instance.

3. Draft Full Thoughts before Tweeting

JH: With Twitter, I always have a hard time trying to get my full thought in 140 characters, especially if there's a link or a photo. I always write out the full thought and then figure out what words I don't need. Oftentimes it ends up showing you the half a thought that wasn't necessary. Those are the things that I've been thinking about as far as how this happened and how I generally use social media when it comes to news.