Teacher Spotlight: Wildlife Photographer Konsta Punkka

Watch how Konsta’s discipline, patience, and a little bit of luck, plays into producing some of the best snapshots of nature and wildlife.

We’ve all had times when we fawned over pictures of “aww”-inspiring corgis, pugs, or teacup kittens, but how often is it that we come across photographs of wildlife in their natural habitats? Wildlife photographer Konsta Punkka shows us a rare glimpse of animals in mid-action, capturing a unique blend of tension and peace, rest and action, distance and coexistence.

Want to learn more about Konsta’s shooting techniques? Take his class on capturing portraits of your favorite animals!


Meet 22 year-old Finnish photographer Konsta Punkka, the self-proclaimed “Squirrel Whisperer.” His up-close wildlife portraits capture the emotion and feelings of his furry friends. Konsta shoots four hours a day every day, often immersing himself in the same location for weeks to eventually gain his subject’s trust.

“My photography is a balance between luck and patience because you can never predict nature.”