Teacher Spotlight: Graphic Designer Ricardo Gonzalez

Watch how Ricardo Gonzalez's rich heritage and deep-rooted passion for creativity led to his freelance career in graphic design. 

Born and raised in Mexico, Ricardo Gonzalez had a budding passion for creative work from a young age, when he grew up seeing his grandfather writing Spencerian in the 1950s. In this video, he shares his past experiences and the ways they ultimately led to his freelance career and personal brand, It's a Living. How has your own history shaped the way you pursue your creative passion? Have you also had a moment when you rediscovered your love for something that you've always known? Share with us in the comments!

Curious about Ricardo's creative process? He shares some of his tips and techniques on lettering in this class, recommended by beginners and experts alike!


Graphic designer Ricardo Gonzalez combines analog lettering techniques with digital flourishes to create a lettering style that is totally unique. Ricardo's passion for creativity started at 15 as a skateboarder and graffiti artist in Durango, Mexico. While working as a screenprinter in 2008 he rediscovered his love for calligraphy and letterforms and has been refining his style ever since.


Ricardo Gonzalez: @itsaliving
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