Teacher Spotlight: Digital Illustrator Jon Burgerman

Watch how Jon Burgerman transforms doodles into a beautiful piece of digital illustration  

Creative inspiration doesn’t always necessarily start with precise planning. Jon Burgerman’s digital illustration work embodies the beauty of spontaneity in art and design, as shown in its playful interplay of different colors, shapes, and forms. He offers a quick overview on what his creative process is like both here in this short video and his class on digital illustration.

Follow Jon on Instagram (@jonburgerman) to see more on his work, or learn more about how to turn simple artwork into pretty much anything, from t-shirts and housewares to murals and animations.  


UK artist Jon Burgerman turns everyday doodles into spectacular works of art. His doodles aren’t limited to the page. They’re seen in galleries, parking lots, skate parks, and even the White House.

“I often have no idea what I’m going to create. I allow the pen to glide on the surface of the wall. It creates a puzzle I can work with and against. Characters emerge and a narrative is formed.

Photo/Video Credits: Velosolutions, Skateboard Supercross, Luis Cardenas, Ali Ha, Frank Ouderma