Experiment with the Ancient Japanese Marbling Technique Known as Suminagashi

Try out the ancient Japanese art of Suminagashi, or "floating ink."

Create intricate patterns by transferring floating ink from the surface of water to a sheet of paper. Begin by filling a small tub with water, and gently drop black ink from a brush onto the surface of the water. Immediately follow the ink drop with a drop of soap and continue to alternate between the two. Before you know it you'll have a rippling pattern of organic rings.

Once you've filled your surface of water with ink designs, quickly dip a sheet of paper onto the surface to absorb the ink. Remove the sheet of paper and admire your design. Let it dry.

For a thorough exploration of Suminagashi, check out Hazirah Kadir's Skillshare class, Beyond Beautiful 2.0: Suminagashi Technique