Skillshare Stars Share Freelancing Tips

It has never been easier to pursue your dream and earn money online as a creative. Here at Skillshare, we have learned a lot from our teachers and have tons of freelancing tips and resources to help. 

Full Video Transcript Below: 

Hello, my name is John Burgerman, I'm an artist, I draw pictures and sometimes color them in.

I'm Julia Rothman, I'm an illustrator, pattern designer and author of lots of books.

My name is Andre Wagner and I'm a New York City photographer.

I'm Kelly Thorn. I'm Spencer Charles. And we work at Charles and Thorn.

Money is important. You're gonna be on your own boss now, you are your own HR department, and your own accountant. Get your shit together. How much is it gonna cost you to survive? Budget for things like health insurance. And how much is your rent gonna be, your studio rent, how much do you hope to make? Setting up a Roth IRA or some sort of retirement fund. Whether or not you want to incorporate or form an LLC, setting up quarterly taxes. Watch the numbers like a hawk, 'cause you're the only one responsible for them. 

What a lot of people don't do is pick something to work towards. @@Set some short-term goals and long-term goals, it can be determined on just creating goals that you have for yourself or people that you want to work with in the future.@@ I wanna be in a woman's magazine about fashion. What are the ways to do that thing? By doing that and having a checklist, at least you'll feel like you're making some progress and that you're moving forward.

Embed yourself in a community. Work comes through referrals, it comes through people that you've worked with in the past saying good things about having worked with you and saying that to other people. Good work leads to more work. Make friends and work together and collaborate with people who do things that you are not good at so that you can both help each other.

Personal projects equals personal progress. Just by making your work it keeps you fresh and it keeps you going and it keeps the inspiration there. Like the designers that I look up to and that I respected, work for themselves, and they initiated what they wanted to do. @@I think when you truly love what you're doing and you're passionate about it, you know, even in the toughest of times, you'll still have some kind of faith to keep you going.@@ If I'm only doing assignments for other people, I find that I get really burnt out. You have to keep feeding it with new inspiration, seeing new things, and so moving along with the times.

@@Being a kind person. Love what you do. And it's a job you wanna do, so get back to work.@@