Ryan Putnam's 5 Creative Exercises

Trying to overcome creative block? Check out Ryan Putnam's top 5 creative exercises to push your illustration work.

Designer and Illustrator Ryan Putnam relies on a set of analog exercises to push his illustration style and get him out of creative ruts. Try them for yourself, and apply any techniques or learnings in your design work!

1. Blind Contour: Draw a subject with a continuous line. Don't look at your paper or pick up your pen.

2. Tactile: Paint how the object feels to touch, then add embellishment.

3. Subtractive: Spread charcoal and erase it away to create your image.

4. Yard Stick: Attach a brush to a yard stick and draw your subject with it.

5. Natural Media: Collect a natural material, and use it to draw your subject.

For more fun exercises from Ryan Putnam, check out the Skillshare class Exploring Your Illustration Style: Exercises to Push Your Work.