Julia Rothman on How to Create Repeat Patterns

Watch a 60-second tutorial on how to make repeat patterns 100% by hand, taught by Skillshare teacher Julia Rothman

In her class, Brooklyn-based illustrator and pattern designer Julia Rothman teaches how to create hand-drawn illustrations and install them as a custom-made wallpaper. For a full written version of the tutorial, see Julia's post: 5 Steps to Illustrating a Repeat Pattern by Hand

While Julia focuses on using repeat patterns to make and install wallpapers, there are numerous other ways you can use them, whether it's printing on fabric or making a holiday card. If you want to learn more, head over to Julia's class, Illustrating Patterns: Creating Hand-Drawn Wallpaper and check out all the projects that her students have posted. 


How to Make a Repeat Pattern with Julia Rothman


1. Draw a design. Remember not to touch the edges!
2. Cut the paper in half and flip the two halves.
3. Tape the two together on the back
4. Rotate 90 degrees and the cut in half again
5. Flip the two halves and tape them together on the back
6. Fill in the blank space
7. Copy and assemble the copies together