Skillshare’s Top Teachers on Why They Teach

Why Teach on Skillshare?

Our top teachers, Scott Biersack, Christine Fleming, and Andre Wagner, talk about their initial concerns before they started teaching on Skillshare, most of which are commonly felt among people who are still on the fence about teaching. Watch what they say about their doubts and how overcoming them led to an unexpected level of success and sense of fulfillment.

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Scott Biersack: I never thought that I would teach a class on Skillshare.

Christine Fleming: First, I was like, “I don’t know enough about illustration. I couldn’t teach a class.”

Andre Wagner: I think I had to overcome getting in front of the camera.

Lauren Buchter: I wasn’t sure if I would be good at teaching

CF: One day, I was like, “Well, I could use some extra money. Maybe this would turn into something.” I got about a hundred students. Then I just decided to make another class, and each class I made after that has just grown and grown from there.

LB: Just seeing people enroll was very exciting. You think you do a good work, but you never know until you have that response from other people

SB: I have a review. I came prepared for this part. “The class is easy to follow, and I swear I learned more with this one hour class than with my professor at uni in a whole semester.” When I got that email, it just instantly but a smile on my face. I was like, “Yes, I’m doing something right”

CF: @@One of the biggest things about Skillshare is that it’s given me the financial stability to be able to freelance.@@

AW: Sharing your work and also getting paid for sharing your work is just a great idea. Skillshare is helping me pay my rent.

SB: You can connect with students, like somebody in Spain or Portugal, or wherever across the world, from your laptop. You don’t get to do that every day.

CF: There was someone that said that teaching is the best way to learn and I think that that’s really true.

AW: When you give, it’s like it continues and people continue to pay it forward. It has a domino effect. I teach because I like to offer a new perspective and share what I know.

SB: I teach because it’s awarding.

CF: I teach because it gives me the flexibility to work on the passion projects that I want to.

LB: I teach because I love seeing my students improve and how it affects their lives.

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