Mikey Burton on How to Create Handmade Textures

"Everybody wants to know, 'Mikey,  how do you make your textures?'"

Watch this 60-second mini-class on "designy illustrator" Mikey Burton's creative process and some of his tried-and-true design techniques. 

For a more extended version of his class, check out Mikey's Geometric Illustration: Drawing Your Favorite Foods. He walks his students through the technical process of geometric illustration and his unique textured style, after which he gives them a simple prompt to design their favorite food. Make sure to follow Mikey on Skillshare to stay updated on his latest classes!


Mikey Burton: Everybody wants to know how I make my textures. I'm going to tell you a little bit of that right now.

1. Separate elements by text and color
2. Print with laser printer
3. Lay a blank page over printout and use a blender pen to transfer printer ink to top page

MB: Do this in a ventilated area, by the way.

4. Scan into Photoshop
5. Adjust levels and reposition layers
6. Recolor layers