Filmmaking Tips from Independent Filmmaker Matty Brown

Watch Matty Brown’s Favorite Filmmaking Techniques

Independent filmmaking can seem like a daunting and expensive task, but Matty Brown has pushed the envelope for creativity in independent filmmaking by using accessible tools in unique ways. Watch the video below to see more of his process!

With over a thousand followers on Vimeo and Skillshare, Matty has garnered a substantial fanbase through his short films, which feature his experimental camera techniques and stunning editing skills. Some of our favorites are A Colorful Life and The Piano, a film nominated for an Emmy in 2013. Learn more about Matty’s creative process and workflow in his class, Filmmaking Shortcuts: DIY Tricks for Experimental Short Films, and create a 1-minute short emotion piece as your class project!


Meet indie filmmaker Matty Brown. His frenetic shooting and editing style have earned him a record 16 Vimeo Staff Picks. Growing up with very little, Matty learned to get creative with the tools he had at his disposal. This led to his use of practical in-camera effects and eye-popping transitions, which add an organic, visceral feeling to his films.

“Having less gives you more room to experiment and expand your creative mind.”