How to Use a Nib Pen

Learn how to use a nib pen in 60 seconds with Paperfinger founder Bryn Chernoff!

To get more in-depth, check out her Skillshare class on classic modern script

Bryn Chernoff started her calligraphy studio Paperfinger out of a true love for writing by hand. Paperfinger provides modern, hand-drawn calligraphy and illustration for everything from weddings and events to graphic design projects, keepsakes, commercial and custom work.

Her work has been featured in Town & Country, Real Simple, The New York Times, Refinery29, Cool Hunting, Martha Stewart Weddings, Swiss Miss, 100 Layer Cake, and countless others. In 2013, she was featured by The Knot in their "Best of Weddings."

Sharing her love for calligraphy, Bryn also leads a number of workshops and offers private instruction. To follow her work, explore her Paperfinger portfolio, online shop, and blog papertastebuds.


Materials Needed

  • Nib
  • Nib holder
  • Sumi Ink


1. Dip the pen in your ink bottle/holder, but not all the way
2. Hold the pen in a 45 degree angle
3. Practice writing lines, circles (0:20), loops (0:25), and waves (0:29) to get a feel for how much pressure to apply
4. Write l-u-l-u-l-u to practice smooth transitions between letters (0:39-0:42)
5. Start practicing letters and sentences

Tips to Consider

  • Downstrokes should be thick, while upstrokes should be thin
  • Make sure you keep your downstrokes parallel to one another