How Restaurateur Michael Chernow Pursued his Professional Dream

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Not sure it’s possible to turn your passion into a career? Skillshare teacher and NYC restaurateur Michael Chernow wants you to know that “it’s totally possible.”  Founder of the Meatball Shop, Michael speaks about the motivation behind his business and his unique approach to entrepreneurship.

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The transcript below is adapted from the class introduction video listed above!

My name is Michael Chernow and I am a restaurateur and entrepreneur.

I opened up a restaurant called The Meatball Shop in February of 2010. In June of 2015, I opened up Seamore’s, what we’re sitting in right now.

I got my first job in a restaurant when I was thirteen years old. Since that first day that I started working in that restaurant, I’ve always had a job in a restaurant.

Very quickly I learned that my passion resides in actually people, as opposed to just food or hospitality. That was just something that I had inside that I knew I wanted to be able to put forth when I owned a business. For me it’s about creating great environments for not only the guests but for the crew, to come in, feel safe, feel respected, and know that this is not just a place to collect a paycheck.

I’ve been really lucky in my career; I’m paying it forward. I speak to a lot of young entrepreneurs just like me. There’s always that sort of hesitation. I like to say don’t tell anybody, just do it. If there’s something that you’re thinking about, if there’s something that keeps you up at night – you know, don’t be a talker, be a doer.

I put my life’s savings into The Meatball Shop to follow my dream and I hustled my way through the whole thing. And the cool thing that I can say to you right now is that it’s totally possible.