How Andre Wagner Turned His Creative Passion Into a Career

Turn Your Passion Into A Career 

Skillshare teacher and New York Photographer Andre Wagner shares how staying true to his artistic vision, hard work and determination helped launch his photography career and landed him clients like The New York Times and Business Insider. Watch his story and pursue your own creative passion today.

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The way I shoot is more so a way of life; it’s not something that I do, it’s just something that I kinda breath.

My name is Andre Wagner and I’m a New York City Photographer.

One of the first things that I truly loved to do was to play basketball and you know, that kind of really pushed me to get into college. There definitely came a point where I had to transition and because I wasn’t going to continue to play basketball as a professional basketball player. I realized that I could kind of take that dedication that I had with the sport and I could put it into my art and into my craft of photography.

So yeah, all the photographs that I take out on the streets and just in the world -- I shoot it on film, I shoot it with my Leica, and I bring it back into here. I develop film, you know, I make contact sheets, and I archive it. And then, I just continue to just live with the work. I like to just like look at the pictures -- I put them on my wall, I put them in boxes that I’ll carry around with me.

When you think about photography, it can be very very passive. Its like you can take out your phone and you can just snap a photo. I think for me it’s like, how do you be there? How do you get outside of what you think you already know? And that’s what I’m trying to do with photography. I don’t want to make images that already exist in the world, I want to create something new. You know, through who I am.

It’s definitely great to see my work in the Times or in other publications and for it to be exposed for other people to see. But, if anything, it also just made me realize that I just want to continue to work harder because I feel like I’m really just getting started.

You know, it’s all about my sensitivity as a black man and as a person in the society and just trying to reflect what’s out there in the world into photographs.