4 Best Flower Arrangement Tricks

You don't need to be an expert to create beautiful aesthetics with flowers. Watch this tutorial to learn some easy flower arrangement tips from the pros!

In their class, Michael and Darroch Putnam go further in-depth on the art of flower arrangement, from selecting your flowers to arranging them in your vase to create an exquisitely designed centerpiece. Enroll to learn more!


Arrangement 1
1. Place stem on top of the other
2. Arrange flowers in spiral pattern

Arrangement 2
1. Cut out some bubble wrap in the shape of a circle
2. Fold the circle and cut out a small opening in the middle
3. Slip the stem through the hole and cut the stem. The bubble wrap should fit around the flower base like a skirt
4. Set it in water to float

Arrangement 3
1. Use cellophane tape to make a grid across the mouth of the vase
2.  Place flowers in each square of the grid until you can't see the tape anymore

Arrangement 4   
1. Fill the bottom of your vase with marbles
2. Place the stems of flowers down in the marbles to make sure they are grounded