How to Plan a Collaborative Drawing Night with Ladies Drawing Night

Ladies Drawing Night illustrators Julia Rothman, Leah Goren, and Rachael Cole show you the 6 steps to hosting your own collaborative drawing night. 

Julia, Leah, and Rachael have been gathering for years as Ladies Drawing Night, to draw together, talk about their work, and enjoy each other's company. They invite you to participate by hosting your own collaborative drawing night by following the steps in the video below:

How to Host a Ladies Drawing Night

Step 1: Gather friends to draw with.
Step 2: Grab snacks and beverages.
Step 3: Lay out supplies and share!
Step 4: Pick a theme.
Step 5: Talk about your work & pass them around.
Step 6: Lay out your finished drawings.

Join them in their Skillshare class for a full night of friends, fun and drawing! 

If you're looking for more fun drawing exercises, check out their new book: Ladies Drawing Night: Make Art, Get Inspired, Join the Party.