How to Bake with Yeast

To get started on baking with yeast, you'll need to master an essential dough recipe every home chef needs in their arsenal. Watch the video below for a demonstration of New York-based writer and chef Julia Turshen's recipe that was shared in her Skillshare class. 

Yeast can be tricky, but once you can work with it — the possibilities are endless! This dough recipe can be adapted for sweet, savory or simple baked goods of all kinds. Our favorite is the Raspberry Jam Buns with Creme Fraiche, but you can also twist and tweak the recipe to suit your palate! Julia's students have already posted some mouthwatering projects, including Megan's Wild Blueberry Rolls and Dana's Prosciutto Rolls.

For the full recipe and fun tips on working with yeast & dough, enroll in Julia's class, The One Dough You Need to Know, or check out our Q&A with Julia on her tips for a well-stocked pantry.