5 Watercolor Textures

Learn 5 easy tricks to spice up your watercolor project! 

Want to learn more tips and tricks on watercolor painting? Take this free class from Sandra Bowers on basic watercolor techniques, or another one offered by Amarilys Henderson on how to deal with mistakes when you're painting with watercolor


Materials Needed

  • Salt
  • Tissue
  • Rubbing alcohol 
  • Plastic wrap

Trick #1: Salt on Wet Wash
Sprinkle some salt on wet wash, and simply brush it off when the paint dries up.

Trick #2: Rubbing Alcohol on Wet Wash
Soak a tissue/paper towel in rubbing alcohol and squeeze a few drops on wet wash. 

Trick #3: Paint Splatter
Want to create a Pollock-esque paint splatter look? Dip your toothbrush in paint and flick some of it onto your page using your finger. 

Trick #4: Color Lift
Using a dry tissue on wet wash removes color. To take one step further, wrap solid objects in dry tissue to create shapes. 

Trick #4: Plastic Wrap in Wet Wash
Leave a plastic wrap on wet wash and let it dry.