360 Degree Video with Street Photographer trashhand

Skillshare brings you street photographer trashhand in his first ever 360 degree video experience. 

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Off Limits: Photographing Chicago’s Unknown with trashhand is a new 4-minute interactive film, shot in immersive 360 degree video. Follow renowned street photographer trashhand as he explores and documents the uncharted spaces in his hometown Chicago. Move your mobile device or click and drag the video to scale buildings, crawl beneath bridges, and visit abandoned locations, all to see how trashhand gets the perfect shot. Explore a Chicago that few have had a chance to see — until now.

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 Video Transcript:

I love waking up before everybody. I love being out in the streets before everybody. That early morning light is really what my vision is all about.

I'm trashhand, Chicago based photographer. My work centers around the cityscape and street photography.

trashhand would definitely not exist if I didn't move to Chicago. Chicago is everything to me. If I didn't have this type of architecture to inspire me when I first started shooting, I would have never picked up a camera.

I just grew up, you know, as a rebellious kid. We were always kinda hopping on fences and kinda trespassing on private property. Just to skate around and kinda do our thing. I just never really cared about a sign telling me I couldn't go somewhere. Or even someone telling me I couldn't go somewhere. That wasn't enough. To me I'm a human being, I'm allowed to explore, I'm allowed to go places that are out in the open.

When I get to some of these locations it's really special because normally some of these spots are so hard to get to that this is probably the only time I'm ever going to be able to be there. So when I have that moment, I try to savor it as much as possible and try to shoot it from as many different perspectives and as many different ways that are still a reflection of my style. So I always walk away knowing that I did everything I could at that spot.

I'm actually a very fearful person. I have a ton of fear in my life. The thing about it is that I don't stop there, I don't ever let that fear prevent me. I actually use that fear for inspiration. It comes with new territory, it comes with scary places and sketchy places and abandoned spots and places of the unknown. Places of danger. I'm comfortable there, and I wanna stay comfortable there.