We’re thrilled to share the programming schedule for our first ever Top Teacher Virtual Summit! Throughout the week, we’re offering inspiring and actionable sessions designed to help you create your best content yet, grow your online following, and become even more successful on Skillshare.

Here’s What to Expect

Workshop Sessions: Each day we are hosting a 1-hour interactive webinar session where you will learn from Skillshare leaders and Top Teachers, interact with fellow teachers in the community, and walk away with actionable next steps.

Email Reminders: We will send you a reminder email each day with the workshop’s webinar link, so you can jump into the session with ease.

Workshop Recordings: Following each session, we’ll share the recording, presentation slides, and any supplemental materials so you can reference them whenever you like.

Gifts and Prizes

Top Teacher Gift: Every Top Teacher who attends at least 1 workshop session will receive a box of Skillshare goodies and swag delivered to their house during the week of the Summit. Register by Friday, October 26th to claim your gift!

Raffles: We’re giving away three prize packs during the week, which each include a $100 Amazon gift card, email marketing slot, and social media feature. You will receive one entry into the raffle for every workshop you attend.

Plus…more fun surprises throughout the week!

Workshop Line-Up

Monday, November 12th at 12 pm EST

This session will offer an inside look at the state of Skillshare as a company, as well provide an overview of our long-term strategy. We’ll cover company updates around our growth, fundraising, product vision, and content programming strategy. We’ll save ample time for Q&A, so bring your biggest burning questions.


sabrina_k_v2Sabrina K.jpg

Tuesday, November 13th at 12 pm EST

This session will offer insights from our Skillshare team about our target student demographics and our newly refined brand positioning. Using these insights, we will share strategies and best practices for how to think about your own Skillshare channel and content expertise to plan future class topics.



Wednesday, November 14th at 12:30 pm EST

Join us for a fun rapid-fire session where we will break down our curatorial principles that help guide what we think makes for great content at Skillshare . We’ll highlight ten actionable strategies that you can implement to create more engaging, effective, and polished content - and catch the attention of our in-house Curation team.



Thursday, November 15th at 1:00 pm EST

Growing a following outside of Skillshare is a great way to drive minutes watched and referrals back to your Skillshare classes. For this session we are bringing in fellow Top Teachers and resident social media experts to provide a high-level overview of the most effective tactics for growing large, engaged followings. We’ll cover strategies specific to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and building an email list. Then we’ll help you create an action plan to expand your online presence.


chloeChloe Rose.jpg
ohn marOhn Mar Win .jpg

Friday, November 16th at 10:30 am EST

While having an online following can support your growth on Skillshare, it’s also important to understand how to effectively market your Skillshare content. This session is aimed at demystifying the art of self-promotion. You’ll learn strategies for crafting authentic marketing messages, creating value for your followers, and more from seasoned self-promoters.


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We cannot wait to connect with you all. Let us know which workshops you’re attending below!