Teach photography: gurushots + skillshare


We know you’ve got some serious photography skills, why not share those skills and earn some money in the process?

As a teacher on Skillshare, you’ll build your brand and reputation as a photographer while earning money for every student who enrolls in your online class. No prior teaching experience or special equipment is needed. To make a class all you need is your talent, passion and a computer. Skillshare will help with the rest!

Not sure what to teach? Here are some topics that are in high demand:

  • Photography Fundamentals (Exposure, Shutter Speed, Metering Modes, Lighting, Composition)
  • Gear Fundamentals (Types of cameras, DSLR, Accessories
  • Genre Specific Photography (Product, Event, Portrait)
  • Photo Editing (Lightroom, Apple Photos, Photoshop)
  • Post-Production Workflow (Library + Asset management)

To kick off the New Year, we’re focused on marketing our photography classes – so it’s a really great time to teach photography. Our top teachers earn $40k a year, and if you complete and publish a class by March 31st, you’ll earn $100 guranteed.

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Everyone can be a teacher on Skillshare. You don’t need to have teaching experience or be well-known to start a class, grow a following and make an income. With support, resources and easy-to-use tools, we’ll help you create a class in no time.


Teaching is a great way to earn real money, grow your online presence and personal brand. As a teacher, you’ll join a community of creatives who are sharing their passion and inspiring 2 million students worldwide. Teachers earn an average of $3000 a year, and up to $30K a year. Learn more about Skillshare and teaching here, or see what some of our teachers have to say in this short video.


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