Stand out on Skillshare: Tips for Branding Your Channel

A cohesive and eye-catching channel brand is an essential component of being successful on Skillshare — allowing you to further establish yourself as an expert in your field and build credibility among students.

Our most successful teachers bring their brand to life on their profile page. Check out our top tips for crafting a cohesive channel brand.

Teacher Bio

Your bio is a great place for students to learn about you and your background, giving them insight in your expertise. Include any links that showcase your experience or work, such as your blog, portfolio, or social media accounts.

Incorporate Multiple Sections

Adding multiple sections to your channel not only builds additional credibility — it gives students different ways to engage with you, too. A few of our favorite sections include reviews from your students, ways to connect with you outside of Skillshare, your favorite student projects, or updates and announcements.


Catch the attention of students through varied visuals. Photos of your workspace, header images for the sections of your profile, or samples of your work are a few great places to start.

Consistent Cover Images

Your cover images give you another opportunity to showcase the visual aspects of your brand. We recommend creating cover images that follow a similar style or look.

Take your Skillshare channel brand to the next level by incorporating one or all of these best practices.