Share Your Business + Tech Prowess on Skillshare

The beauty of teaching on Skillshare is that you’re truly empowered to teach any topic or skill about which you’re passionate. With over 2 million students on the platform eager to learn, the possibilities of what you can teach are limitless.

If you’re a business or tech professional, now is a particularly exciting time to teach on the platform as these categories are experiencing the fastest growth! Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning. Check them out and get started on your own class here!

Data Science

Companies across every industry have access to more data than ever before. As a result, there is a huge contingent of people looking to develop the skills necessary to manage this data and come up with business insights. Consider teaching a class on topics such as database queries, database management, and multivariate testing. For inspiration, check out Mark Florian’s class SQL 101: Introduction to Database Queries.  

Leadership & Management

Do you have tips for creating an amazing 30/60/90 day onboarding experience for new employees? Best practices for managing a remote workforce? A playbook for what it takes to be an effective manager? Share your expertise by teaching your own class! Joseph Grenny’s class, Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High is a great example of a class that gives users skills they can use in their professional life.

Business Analytics

If you’re the person your colleagues turn to for Excel shortcuts, Tableau tips, or Google Analytics help, you have the skills to teach a business analytics class! See how Al Chen has reached over 3,500 students in his class, Excel for the Real World: Gain the Basic Skills of Microsoft Excel.


The role of a UI/UX designer is incredibly multifaceted. As a result, classes in this field can be taken in many different directions. Share the process for crafting a stellar product strategy, the best way to track iterations, or a how-to on making wireframes. Jake Fleming’s class, Web Design: Creating a Web Style Guide is an excellent example of a class that provides all the necessary building blocks for a specific project - building a style guide and sample page for your website.


Skillshare classes are project-based so it often helps to think of a project your students will be able to complete at the end of the class. This could be coming up with a strategy to differentiate a new product, a method for breaking down advertising costs, or a distribution plan. Check out Josh Cavin’s class Learn SEO to Grow Your Website and see how he used his expertise to create a class with over 5,000 students.  

Product Management

The role of a product manager is typically an inter-disciplinary role so classes in this field can be approached from a variety of perspectives. A successful product management class might provide students with the skills to define product requirements, build product roadmaps, or manage the production process. Evan Kimbrell’s class, Building Documentation for a Web or Mobile Project the Right Way guides students through the process of creating function lists, user personas, and user goals.

if you have questions about teaching on Skillshare, feel free to reach out! We are always happy to help brainstorm class topics and provide further guidance as you work on your first class.