How To Fund Your Travels With Skillshare

Anyone in the world can teach on Skillshare -- and many Skillshare teachers use their earnings to travel. We caught up with three Top Teachers to find out how online teaching has helped them fund unforgettable trips.

Rich Armstrong Vacation

Rich Armstrong, Product Designer

“Teaching on Skillshare allows us to run our own studio, travel when we want (a lot!), and even earn money while we’re sitting on a beach.”

Last summer Rich and his wife visited Marseille, Caunes-Minervois, and Nice using their Skillshare earnings. There, they rented an Airbnb with a kitchen, explored old towns and villages, and traveled using public transport. This summer, they plan to go sailing in Greece for a week. 

“Being a Top Teacher on Skillshare means I earn a nice sum every month, but it’s not just the money that helps,” Rich says. "Teaching on Skillshare allows us to run our own studio, travel when we want (a lot!), and even earn money while we're sitting on a beach."


Theresa Christine, Travel Writer

"I'd already budgeted enough money for the trip, so this extra amount really let me relax about finances while I was overseas!"

Theresa spent a month visiting five countries, including Poland (where her great-grandfather was born), Switzerland (which she explored with her parents), and Iceland (where she partied at a glacier rave). As a travel writer, Theresa usually works while abroad, but her Skillshare earnings allowed her to travel solely for vacation for one week.

“I got engaged on this trip so it was wonderful to have extra cash to splurge on special activities with my partner,” says Theresa.

Simon Brown Photography

Simon Brown Photography

Faye Brown Son
Faye Brown Trip

Faye Brown, Designer / Animator

“My Skillshare earnings helped towards a lovely family holiday.”

Faye’s Skillshare earnings helped pay for a week-long family vacation in Ibiza. Along with her husband and children, Faye traveled the island in a rented car, visited beaches with crystal clear water, and relaxed at an inclusive resort that offered fitness classes, swimming, and evening entertainment.

“My son loved taking his camera out with him and taking photos,” Faye says.

Rich Armstrong

Rich Armstrong

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