Diversify Your Income Pie & Earn Through A Side Hustle

Whether you work as a freelancer full-time or are just starting your creative career, there’s nothing more important than ensuring you have enough money to pay the bills.

These days creatives aren’t relying on just one source of revenue, but utilizing multiple outlets to sustain consistent income month over month.

Looking for another source of monthly income? We’ve got you covered! Teachers on Skillshare earn income by creating classes once and earning every time their class is watched, establishing a solid stream of monthly revenue. Check out how Skillshare can become a part of your monthly income. 

Here are three awesome examples of teachers who use Skillshare to diversify their income pie.

Ana Victoria Calderón

“Skillshare, my licensed work, in-person workshops, and my Etsy shop make up my monthly income. As an independent artist, it’s important to have different sources contribute to your income pie. That way, if you’re not making a lot of sales one month, your other income channels can kick in and ensure you’ll still make the money you need.”

Gabrielle DeCesaris

“To be in the arts, you have to be an octopus. You have to have eight tentacles in eight different projects to sustain a consistent source of revenue every month. Right now Skillshare is my main source of income and that’s really exciting. Within the art world, things can be unreliable since you can’t predict market interest and general trends, which makes earnings less predictable and consistent. But teaching has proven to be reliable since there will always be in an interest in learning.”

Ohn Mar Win

"As an illustrator I feel very lucky to have multiple income streams. Being self employed my whole career, and a mother I rely on passive income as important resource to support my young family’s needs. Although I have only been teaching on Skillshare since August 2016 the income I receive is steady and dependable, something that can be tricky to cultivate in this industry. Teaching fits in with my lifestyle and gives me the freedom to pursue other creative outlets. It is truly a fulfilling win/win situation."

Ready to diversify your income pie? Get started in our 30-day Challenge to create your first class and set up your passive income stream today!