10 Easy Ways To Market Your Class on Social Media

♫ Start spreading the news, I’m launching my class today. ♫

That's the tune you should be crooning when you launch your class! You worked hard to design, rehearse and record, and now your class is finally ready for its big reveal. Regardless of whether you have a large online following, sharing your class on your social media channels is one of the best ways to get your class discovered on Skillshare.

There are infinite ways you can tell your online community about your class, but we’ve pulled a list of a few of our favorites:

1. Share a behind-the-scenes photo

Sarah’s friend snapped a photo while she recorded her class. Sarah shared this image on her Instagram account to build anticipation before the launch of her class. Sarah also added relevant hashtags to her post to help people outside of her network discover it.

A photo posted by color. me. quirky (@colormequirky) on May 13, 2016 at 12:54pm PDT

2. Create a 60-second video

Andre edited a short clip of his class and shared it on his Instagram account, giving his followers a sneak peak of his class. He chose a section that would intrigue his followers and encourage them to sign up to see the rest. Andre added his referral link to his Instagram profile bio so that he could earn the $10 teacher referral bonus for every student who signed up for Premium Membership through his link. Learn more about how your referral link works here.

Here's a clip from my Skillshare class. You can view this and more by enrolling with the link in my profile. #35mm

A video posted by Andre D. Wagner (@photodre) on

A video posted by Andre D. Wagner (@photodre) on Nov 4, 2015 at 3:13pm PST

3. Call out the Special OFFER of signing up with your referral link

Jillian encouraged her Twitter followers to sign up for her Skillshare class because it’s an awesome deal! Let students know that by signing up for Premium Membership through your referral link, they’re also signing up for the thousands of other classes on Skillshare. All new Premium Members get full access to Skillshare for free for one month.

4. Give away a limited number of free ACCESS LINKs

Jesse Jesse created a free access link for 25 students and shared the link on his Facebook page. Giving away a limited number of enrollments creates a sense of urgency around the special opportunity to sign up for free, without a Premium Membership! Learn more about how your free access links work here.

5. Show an example of your class project in action

Jamie showed her Instagram followers just what they can do with their class project after they watch her class. She took a picture of her new wall art she created using the technique taught in her class. Showing a very real use of the class project is a great way to entice someone to check out your class!

6. Share a student’s project

If you’ve already shared an example of your own project, try sharing an example of a student’s project like Jake did on his Twitter account. This not only shows how students are applying the techniques from your class, but it reveals just how invested you are as a teacher.

7. Use the seasons, holidays and any special occasion to promote your class

Marie used Mother’s Day as an opportunity to promote her class on making macarons. She suggested that macarons would be a great gift for this special occasion and explained how easy it is to learn the notorious recipe with her class. Plus, she created a limited number of free access links in honor of all moms.

A photo posted by Marie Asselin (@foodnouveau) on

8. Host a contest or giveaway

Mete offered a signed copy of his book to get more of his Instagram followers excited to watch his new class. A giveaway or contest not only gets students excited to participate, but helps with word of mouth marketing. Incentives can go a long way, and getting your work into more hands is never a bad idea!

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9. Countdown your milestones

When Tom was just 5 students away from hitting his first milestone on Skillshare, he created a photo for his social accounts thanking his followers for their help. This is a great call to action for friends and family; by simply asking them to help you out so you can be discovered by more students on Skillshare, they’re more likely to lend signup.


A photo posted by Tom Froese (@mrtomfroese) on

10. Get resourceful and find other social platforms to share your class

Allison shared her class on the usual channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) but took it a step further to look for other platforms and communities that could benefit from her class. She shared her class on ProductHunt, explaining what her class is about and ended with a strong call to action! This kind of resourcefulness is what helped Allison’s class shine on Skillshare, and it can help yours too. Do a little digging and you’ll discover places that would welcome knowing about your class.

We encourage you to get creative and find the tactics that work best for you and your community. For more ideas and best practices on marketing, head to the Teacher Handbook. No matter what marketing methods you decide to use, the most important thing is to spread the word and get your friends, family, and followers to watch your Skillshare class to kickstart your success!