Ten Comic Book Artists We Love on Instagram

If you’re a fan of comics, there’s no time like the present. Twenty years ago, if you wanted to check out innovative comic-style illustrators or find an older, obscure artist, you’d have to search long and hard (and through a lot of comic collections) before you could get your hands on the new and best work. These days, it’s a lot less difficult. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people post interesting comic-style art on their Instagram pages everyday. No matter where you live, you’re only a few clicks away from checking out some of the best comic artists on the planet.

Of course, now that there’s so much art available online, it can be difficult to know who’s really worth your attention. That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the depths of Instagram and rounded up a handful of artists who are making waves in the industry -- and flooding feeds with the coolest illustrations in their off-time. If you are in need of some serious comic-style inspiration, check out these ten artists that we love on Instagram (and think that you will, too).

1. Chris Samnee (@chrissamnee)

Li’l Batman warmup to get this Friday started 🦇☕️

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Comic Book Artist Chris Samnee has worked on Daredevil, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Captain America, Black Widow and the Ultimate Comics Spider Man, among other publications. He won the 2011 Harvey Award for Most Promising New Talent, and the Eisner Award for Best Penciller/Inker in 2013. Chris posts warm ups, sketches, and finished work on his Instagram so that his followers get a first-hand look into his artistic process. 

2. Lee Garbett (@leegarbett)

After working on projects like Batman, Batgirl, and Dreamwar for DC Comics and their Wildstorm Universe, Lee Garbett is now a freelancer producing comics, posters, and other art for fans and Instagram followers. His feed regularly showcases doodles, full-color comic book covers, and sneak peeks into gorgeous, secret projects. 

3. Arthur Adams (@arthuradamsart)

Arthur Adams is a self-taught comics artist who began his career penciling Marvel Comics’ critically-acclaimed Longshot limited series at age 19. He’s worked on a number of popular titles including Batman, Superman, Spiderman, X-Men, Godzilla, Excalibur and The Hulk. Outside of his comic book work, he creates illustrations for trading cards, posters, shirts, and other comics-related merchandise. His instagram features a dynamic collection of his highly-detailed past and present work, sketches, inked drawings and full panels.

4. Vanessa R. Del Rey (@vrdelrey)

⛈ Ink time lapse #storm #brushandink

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Vanessa R. Del Rey’s illustrations are moody, textured, and often very dark. Femme fatales, drawn with both gravitas and an unhinged natural energy, loom large in her work and are often depicted in frank, sometimes brutally violent contexts. On her Instagram, Vanessa gives followers a chance to see her at her most fundamentally creative; posting sketches, concepts, and timelapse videos that show her work in progress.

5. Patrick Brown (@patrickbrownart)

Patrick Brown is an Australian artist who has worked on Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N in Melbourne for Marvel Comics. He also happens to teach two fantastic classes on Skillshare,  Characters in Motion: Capturing Motion in Illustration and Characters in a Scene, Sketch to Digital. In his free time, he posts character sketches and artwork inspired by the shows, video games, and comic books that he enjoys. 

5. Fiona Staples (@fionastaples)

My Death Star droid character from our Edge of the Empire game!

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Fiona Staples is mega-famous for her work on Saga, and the re-launched Archie series. Her work won serious professional accolades but her Instagram feed is fun and features classic, fantasy, and pop culture-inspired characters.

7. Jason Latour (@jasonlatour)

Jason Latour is the co-creator behind Marvel’s Spider-Gwen and Southern Bastards. He is both a writer and an Illustrator, and uses his Instagram feed to showcase his incredible skillset as well as the wide variety of personal and professional projects he’s worked to develop.

8. Tara McPherson (@taramcpherson 

Tara McPherson may be best-known for her gorgeous paintings and gig posters for bands like Modest Mouse, Beck and Mastodon, but she’s also been known to make a mean comic book cover or two. She’s worked with DC Vertigo Comics for years and has painted for titles like The Witching and Lucifer. Her Instagram is chock-full of intensely-colored illustrations, as well as photos of her sculpture work, posters, and personal life.

9. Jock (@jock4twenty)

Full set, in the sun #Joker #Letterpress

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Mark Simpson, aka Jock, is well known for his work on Batman, Wolverine, Daredevil, Incredible Hulk, 2000 AD and The Losers. He’s won an Eisner Award, a National Comics Award and two Stan Lee Awards, but his Instagram is as much about showcasing his famous work as it is his personal projects, like sketches of family and friends. 

10. Gabriel Picolo (@_picolo)

Gabriel Picolo is a freelance illustrator and comic artist whose dynamic style and innovative takes on classic stories like Icarus and the Sun has earned his Instagram feed 1.6 million followers. His highly-appealing illustrations are full of energy, wit, and lively details -- just the kind of art that will inspire and delight you day after day.

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