Nine Book Covers by Jessica Hische to Inspire Your Next Project

Jessica Hische is a multi-talented author and artist who has carved out a great freelance career making, teaching, and writing about hand-lettering, type design, and illustration.

You’ve probably seen Jessica Hische’s creative work, though you may not have realized it at the time. Her gorgeous, technically precise designs have graced everything from the opening sequence of a Wes Anderson film to the pages of the New York Times. You can find her work on magazine covers and in major advertisements, on corporate logos and in children’s books. She’s also one of the most popular teachers on Skillshare; the self-described “avid-internetter” has attracted tens of thousands of students to the classes she teaches on logotype design and lettering.

To celebrate Jessica’s immense and inspiring talent (and her latest Skillshare class, Illustrated Lettering: Designing a Book Cover in Procreate!), we rounded up a few of our favorite book covers that she’s created over the course of her career. Looking for a little eye candy or inspiration for your next project? We’ve got you (ahem) covered.

1. This cover that Jessica designed for Random House.

2. This beautiful cover, one of a series that Jessica created for the Barnes & Noble Classics series.

3. This stained-glass inspired cover for Penguin Books.

4. This funky cover, one that Jessica developed while she was still in art school!

5. These moody covers - just a few of the twenty six that Jessica designed around the alphabet for the Penguin Drop Caps series.

6. This dynamic cover that Jessica designed for Dave Eggers, who self-published this book as a personal project.

7. This elegant design that Jessica created for Random House.

8. This incredible cover that Jessica designed (hand-stitching the original!) for The Little Bookroom.

9. This unique design that Jessica created for Simon & Schuster and Jake Knapp.

Want to see a behind-the-scenes look at how Jessica creates her iconic work? Check out her new class, Illustrated Lettering: Designing a Book Cover in Procreate, on Skillshare here.

Lead Image credit: Jessica Hische