How Designers Find Visual Inspiration Fast

Everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes, but designers may not have the time to seek it out themselves. That’s why so many rely on services and technologies that serve them creative inspiration in daily doses, like newsletters, RSS feeds, and Google Chrome browser extensions, like Muzli.

Why do designers love Muzli? It’s a free service that helps them consume visual inspiration and stay up-to-date without leaving the house. It scours the web for the most innovative and original illustrations, design elements, photography, and typography, and then instantly delivers the most relevant and inspiring to a new tab in your browser -- whenever you it most.

There are three ways to access Muzli’s creative content. You can read their mega-popular Medium magazine for expert articles and roundups like Muzli picks, follow their Instagram feed for curated visuals, or of course, install the Chrome extension for the gorgeous visual feed which they are best known.

Want to see exactly what Muzli is serving up? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite examples below.

World-renowned calligrapher (and Skillshare teacher!) Seb Lester’s short video proves that watching an artist pursue his craft can be just as fascinating as the finished product.  Not only does Seb introduce us to a simple step-by-step technique for creating beautiful brush-drawn lettering, we also get a  big visual payoff watching the iridescent ink transform itself as it dries.

Bright and bold is in for spring, and even traditional brands are getting on board. This high-end skin care brand has been on the market for 35 years, but got a new lease on life through a limited edition bottle by artist Karan Singh.

design inspiration.png

Muzli chose Plume, an adventure video game by Dino Adventure, for its Pick of the Week back in March because of how technically advanced -- and beautiful -- it is. It’s “fully modeled environment coupled with awesome character animations and keyboard controls” are impressive and makes users forget the game “is happening in the browser” they write.

Stylized sculptural elements with a built-in surprise? Oh YES.  It may take a few seconds of staring before you figure out what you’re seeing here, but we promise this fresh and inspired approach to lettering is well worth a little extra effort.

This simple and elegant digital illustration shows how careful attention to detail can communicate a story beyond what is captured in an image. There’s nothing specific to tell us who this Hopper-esq figure is, or where they are gazing, but the bright colors, eye-popping details and the dynamic use of light and shadow give our imaginations plenty to play with.

This wildly imaginative animated illustration is a visual treat, bringing viewers into the creative process and packing surprises along the way. Making a “simple” cup of tea has never seemed so joyous, playful, and fun.


This Gucci Decor site made Muzli’s Pick of the Week because it’s an excellent example of the kinds of sites you encounter that at once seem familiar and totally brand new. Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it...exactly the kind of content we’re inspired by.

We love the way this illustration captures Tokyo’s unique food culture without sacrificing simplicity or good design. Instead, the sushi motif is perfectly integrated within a unique type treatment, making for a playful and very fitting tribute to a great city.

Sometimes the best inspiration can be found in a medium very different from your own. This photograph captures the glory of Les Espaces d’Abraxas, an apartment building in the Parisian suburbs conceived by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill as an “inhabited monument.” This neoclassical, postmodernist 1970s design was a reaction to the coldly functional apartment buildings of the 1950s and ’60s, and now teaches us the value of embracing an entirely new approach to any challenging design project.

Sometimes a new technique is all you need for creative inspiration. These finely cut stencils bring a totally fresh approach to hand lettering, and the final results are nothing short of astounding.

Feeling inspired? Skillshare’s got thousands of classes on typography, graphic design, and fine art so you can learn to create the kind of work that ends up on Muzli, too.