Top 5 Designers and Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

Instagram, along with Dribbble and Behance, has quickly become every serious designer's channel to showcase his/her work and connect with followers and fellow creatives. We've put together some of the best designers and illustrators that will add major flavor to your Instagram feed. 

1. Scott Biersack

A full-time freelance designer and illustrator, Scott Biersack showcases a stunning collection of type design and lettering work on his Instagram and personal website. From lettering on chalkboards to designing hand-printed murals, he never ceases to experiment with different mediums, illustration styles, and typefaces even while working with big-name clients like Adobe and Starbucks. His passion for lifelong learning has inspired him to teach classes on Skillshare, where he gives his two cents on custom logo typeface, hosts design challenges, and provides detailed personal feedback on student projects.

Follow Scott on Instagram (@youbringfire) for inspiration or check out his 40-minute class on vectored logo that, according to one student, teaches more than a semester’s worth of college classes!

2. Lauren Hom

Brooklyn-based letterer and designer Lauren Hom will take your breath away with her bold colors and playful letterforms, all of which are featured on her Instagram (@homsweethom), Dribbble, and Behance accounts. Jumpstarting her career with a blog, Daily Dishonesty, that showed illustrations of little lies that got her through the day, Lauren has since worked on numerous projects that combined her love for food, typography, and all things “funny/yummy/pretty.”

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Follow her as she travels around the world, or head to her class on chalkboard lettering to spice up your house with nothing more than some chalk paint and a little bit of imagination!

3. Karina Eibatova

A London-based illustrator and fine artist, Karina Eibatova presents a beautiful portfolio of surrealist prints, tied together with an overarching theme of nature, landscape, and space. Intricately detailed and masterfully executed, her work portrays a profound sense of otherworldliness that will carry you to another dimension.

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Sounds too abstract? Karina brings it down to earth with her design classes on watercolor techniques and pencil drawing that have thousands of students enrolled. Follow her on Instagram (@karina.eibatova) or check out her personal website here!

4. Ryan Putnam

Ryan Putnam, an illustrator who hails from San Francisco, artfully juggles multiple creative endeavors, from working with Dropbox to producing a sleek ceramics line as a part-time potter. Follow him on Instagram (@ryanputnam) or Twitter (@RypeArts), where he posts timely updates and entertaining tweets, including his note on the benefits of the newest iPhone.

In his Skillshare classes, Ryan gives a taste of his creative process, challenging his students with non-traditional exercises and prompts. Want to have an in-depth look at his tools and tricks? Read this conversation we had about his illustration toolkit. If you're feeling extra-inspired, take Ryan's Skillshare classes on how you can expand your illustration style and design your personal avatar - all within a couple hours!

5. Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY and has worked with clients such as EPSN, The New York Times, Times Magazine, and Converse. His portfolio sports a distinctive look with extremely relatable topics, including food, animals, and the important message that "Freelance Ain't Free."

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Is food one of your major creative inspiration? Join Mikey's recent Skillshare class about creating illustrations of your favorite food! For more on his work and design process, make sure to follow him on Instagram (@mikeyburton) or Dribbble.  

Want to discover other talented artists, designers, and illustrators? Head to Skillshare's design classes below!