Skillshare Free Trial Offers: How to Start Learning Today

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Attributed to Benjamin Franklin, that famous quote gets to the heart of what makes Skillshare such a valuable resource for anyone looking to ignite a new career path, develop a side hustle, or just follow personal passions and learn to do something new. The classes on Skillshare don’t encourage passive listening but active engagement, encouraging students to create class projects, connect with their teachers for advice, and chat with their peers in class discussions and in Skillshare Groups. Want to start learning but unsure if Skillshare is right for you? Read on. We’re diving into all the reasons you should sign up for Skillshare (and the secret to trying it for free, too).

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A Changing World

At a time when burdensome student debt is so widespread as to be considered an “epidemic” , Skillshare is helping to usher in a new model for education — one that is lower cost, higher quality, and adaptable to busy lives and complicated schedules. Current data says that on average, recent graduates launch their careers with more than $37,000 in college debt. Skillshare gives you to the tools you need you to acquire new skills and expertise without mortgaging your future.

While the marketplace value of traditional academic degrees has diminished, the demand for workers with advanced practical skills has skyrocketed. According to the Freelancing in America 2018 survey, 79 percent of freelancers may say that their four-year college degrees are useful to their current lines of work, but  93 percent say that their less formal skills training has made the substantial difference to their livelihoods and careers.

Skillshare Free Trial Offers

Today’s employers value skills training outside of school settings. Exclusive information released by LinkedIn at the start of this year reveals that the employers of today believe that  an array of “soft” and “hard” skills are critically important in job candidates -- and most effectively learned through training, as well as work experience. The most valued soft skills they list? Creativity, an ability to collaborate, and professional adaptability, three cornerstones of Skillshare’s community of learning. The 25 hard skills most valued by employers range from UX design and digital marketing to video production and game development — all of which are taught on Skillshare, too.

Skillshare Free Trial

Keeping up with Innovation

Many subscribers point to Skillshare’s ever-growing list of classes as key to maintaining a competitive edge in their chosen field (see this Skillshare Review Roundup to read a few examples). Leading freelancer site Upwork says that 70% of today’s fastest-growing skills — the ones currently in demand by employers — didn’t even exist until recently. Skillshare’s open platform means that expert practitioners in a given field can quickly develop classes as new trends and technologies emerge, which is a process that often takes years in a traditional academic setting.

The up-to-the-minute teacher expertise allows students to dive as deeply into a subject area as their needs and interests require. The tremendous breadth of classes available to Skillshare subscribers means you can start with an introductory class, progress to advanced classes, or take side roads into acquiring specific skills you may not have known existed before your Skillshare journey began. As your knowledge evolves, you’ll be able to craft your our own long-term, skills-focused curriculum so that you can always take the classes that are exactly relevant to your developing interests.

Skillshare’s Creative Community

Skillshare boasts an incredible revolutionizes online community of innovative online learners. As a completely open, subscription-based platform with more than 5 million students and 26,000 classes, Skillshare makes it easy to connect with teachers and fellow students around whatever topics and skillsets interest you. Every Skillshare class involves a class project that students share with their teacher — and with each other -- for honest reviews and constructive feedback. The result is a rich and dynamic community of learning experience in which everyone benefits everyone and leads to every student gaining a better depth of knowledge.

Skillshare Free trial

Skillshare was built with creators in mind. Whether your goals are artistic, entrepreneurial, or something else altogether, you’ll find subject matter and classes that inspire you and give you the tools you need to enhance creative skills and enrich your life. Still not convinced the platform is for you? With a Skillshare free trial, you can take Skillshare classes for three months before deciding whether to join the community. Skillshare free trials offer all the benefits of premium membership, so you can test the service and see if it’s right for you. When your free trial ends, you can choose to extend your membership with a monthly contract with Skillshare (price: $15/Month) or save as an annual user (price: $99/year). Either way, memberships with Skillshare cost less than fifty cents a day. That’s a small price to pay for personal and professional fulfillment.


Skillshare classes can give you the edge you need to stay at the forefront of your current field, acquire that elusive dream job, monetize your talents — or just discover new passions you didn’t know you had. Whatever your goals, we are here to prove that lifelong learning holds the promise of a richer, fuller life for all.

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