Beautiful Drawings & Doodles from Our Contest Winners!

This summer, Skillshare held a Drawing & Doodles contest to encourage our community to explore, experiment, and make something joyful! We thought it would be a great opportunity to celebrate the inspiring creating we see everyday at Skillshare. 

Robin Slee’s "   Learn to Draw   "

Robin Slee’s "Learn to Draw"

We know there are a lot of talented people in this community, but the quality of the work still blew our minds. We received nearly 700 beautiful submissions from all over the world! 

Sue Lork’s "   Mushroom Zine   "

Sue Lork’s "Mushroom Zine"

Contestants were tasked with submitting a project to one of 10 classes. Class topics included botanical line drawing, zine-making, food illustration, and more. Multiple entries were okay, as long as they were posted during the contest period. 

Eva Carmona’s "   Bruno Mars   "

Eva Carmona’s "Bruno Mars"

A panel of Top Teacher judges chose our winners based on five criteria: composition, originality, technical execution, visual appeal, and impact. The following projects are the best of the best and we are so excited to share them!

Our free year of Skillshare winners: 

Charvi Vyas with "My First Portrait"

Sue Lork with "Mushroom Zine"

Kate Amedeo with "Drawing Cats"

Amnn Manggala Anggita with "Mixtape Zine"

Matias Otero with "Helenita's Portrait"

Eva Carmona with "Bruno Mars"

Rebecca G. with "Botanical Piggy Bank"

Amnn Manggala Anggita’s "  Mixtape Zine  "

Amnn Manggala Anggita’s "Mixtape Zine"

Our free year plus $250 art supply gift card winners: 

Sarah Faye with "Portrait Drawing"

Robin Slee with "Learn to Draw"

Hannah Gaede with "Getting Back to Creating"

Kate Amedeo’s "  Drawing Cats  "

Kate Amedeo’s "Drawing Cats"

Congratulations to our winners and to everyone who entered for creating beautiful works of art to share with the world. We salute you!

Thumbnail/header image credit: Robin Slee