Skillshare Introduces The Classroom

Learning is meant to be social. That's why we've been so focused on facilitating in-person classes; something magical happens when students and teachers are able to meet face-to-face, work through problems together, and share their passions and experiences with each other. Over the past year, the stories we’ve heard from our community have been incredible - some students have found jobs through Skillshare classes, some teachers have quit their jobs to become full-time teachers, and others have attended hundreds of hours of classes because they keep getting drawn back by the people they meet.

Skillshare Schools

Skillshare's mission is to transform education by empowering teaching and democratizing learning. We first introduced this concept as a way for anyone to have the opportunity to teach whatever they are passionate about. With the recent release of Skillshare Schools, we expand on this first step by empowering brands, small and medium businesses, non-profits, and other organizations (and their employees) to do the same.