Updates to the Class Creator + The Chance to Win a $1,000 Apple Gift Card!

Today on Skillshare, the most popular classes are short and bite-sized. Through an average of 10-25 minutes of video content, teachers walk their students through a specific skill, concept or fun project. Students prefer short classes because they easily fit into their busy schedules - they can learn something new on their subway commute or lunch break. Taking Skillshare classes every day has never been easier! 

Announcing the New Skillshare School of Photography

Exciting news! This fall, we're teaming up with more than 20 iconic photographers to bring you the Skillshare School of Photography. Each week, we’re unlocking a new photography class full of cutting-edge techniques and creative inspiration. Whether you have a pro DSLR or an everyday smartphone, these classes will challenge you to capture a unique perspective that's all your own.