Updates to the Class Creator + The Chance to Win a $1,000 Apple Gift Card!

Today on Skillshare, the most popular classes are short and bite-sized. Through an average of 10-25 minutes of video content, teachers walk their students through a specific skill, concept or fun project. Students prefer short classes because they easily fit into their busy schedules - they can learn something new on their subway commute or lunch break. Taking Skillshare classes every day has never been easier! 

Keeping our members safe: a message about Heartbleed

You may have heard that earlier this week a critical security bug named “Heartbleed” was revealed in the popular cryptographic library OpenSSL. This bug impacts the technology used to encrypt sensitive information for millions of widely-used sites and services, from Netflix to Instagram. The majority of web servers that use HTTPS to secure traffic were impacted.

The New and Improved Classroom on Skillshare

Last month, our team dedicated the entirety of March to clearing out the biggest usability problems with the goal of streamlining the online classroom and making it a more cohesive experience. In order to achieve this, we established continuous feedback loops with our students and teachers through support tickets that were coming in, onsite feedback forms, and most importantly talking to our students and teachers through usability interviews.

The Skillshare Front-End

As our team's grown up at Skillshare, we've had to learn quickly how to architect an engineering front-end that scales with our product. We're proud of the fast-paced, but robust engineering culture that's emerged, and I'd like to take the opportunity to share a high-level picture of our stack in a hope to surface some actionable takeaways, or if nothing more, offer an insightful view into our front-end world.

Simplifying the Online Classroom

We're continually refining what it means to learn online, and over the last few months, we've been launching a range of new features to make learning online as valuable, affective and as fun as possible. To name a few, these new features include; Groups – to learn with a smaller circle of students, Discussions – to collaborate with your classmates, and the Syllabus – to most importantly, guide you through class, learn new skills, and complete your in-class project.

Introducing Groups for Collaboration

 It’s always important to get feedback on your work, and this can pose a special challenge: other people probably won't have thought about your project enough to give you really valuable feedback. We're solving this problem by encouraging students to join small collaborative groups to work with throughout a class. When you've got a small group of students working together, they will naturally become familiar with each other's work and have more insight into the unique challenges that each student is facing.

Introducing the Projects Gallery

One of the best parts of taking a Skillshare class is being able to utilize the skills you learn. The way we make this happen is with our project-based learning method. As students progress through the class, they are constantly working on their projects and making them better. When we first launched our version of online classes, we allowed students to post their projects to the discussion section and receive feedback. We knew we wanted to improve it and are excited to announce the new dedicated Projects section.