Preparing for the Hockey Stick

At consumer-facing web startups like Skillshare, we spend much of our time working for a hockey stick. Not the old-fashioned, wooden kind which a kid might ask Santa for at Christmas, but rather the one which refers to Paul Graham’s startup growth curve , where the curve resembles an upright hockey stick in its switch from flatlined growth to an explosive tick up and to the right. 

Collaboration Trumps the Lone Genius

At Skillshare, two of our biggest values are entrepreneurial drive and collaboration. We believe that a team of self-motivated, creative people working together will execute ideas that are 100x better than anything an individual ever can. This means there’s no single person dictating the features and projects we work on, and no matter what role or specialties someone has at Skillshare, he/she is first and foremost a creative problem solver.