Teacher Update: A New Promotional Offer Through Your Referral Link

Sharing your classes with your network off of Skillshare is one of the best ways to increase your revenue. When your friends and family sign up for Premium through your class referral link, you get a $10 referral bonus, plus their minutes watched boost your royalty payments!

Starting March 1st, we are making a change to the promotional offer that comes with your referral link. Instead of receiving their first 3 months of Premium for $0.99, students who sign up through your referral link will now receive 1 month for free. They’ll still need to enter their credit card to start their Premium membership, but they will not be charged anything for their first month. As always, the referral will be counted as soon as they sign up, and they are free to cancel at any time. You'll continue to receive your $10 referral bonus on the 16th of the month for each of the referrals you made throughout the previous month. 

With this shorter promotional period, students who sign up for Premium will still have plenty of time to take your class and explore Skillshare, but their first payment - should they choose to continue with Premium after their first month - will happen sooner, allowing us to grow the royalty pool at a faster rate, increasing your monthly earnings.

What should you do next?

1. Update the permanent information that you share about Skillshare on your website, blog or social media bios: If you feature your class or channel referral links anywhere permanent (see examples here), make sure you change any mention of the 3 months for $0.99 offer to 1 month for free starting March 1st. Any student who clicks any one of your referral links between now and March 1st will still receive the 3 month for $0.99 offer.

2. Continue marketing your classes to your own community: On average, active teachers make 5 referrals per month, which is an extra $50 in their monthly payments! Each new class you publish is a perfect opportunity to share the Skillshare love with your network and invite your friends, family or online followers to sign up for Premium with their first month free. Head here for our six most proven marketing tactics for increasing your referrals.

As always, email any questions you have to teach@skillshare.com. Have fun spreading the word about the the great things you’re teaching on Skillshare!