Teach More, Earn More (and More): The Power of Teaching Often

The best way to maximize your success on Skillshare is to teach again and again. By publishing bite-sized classes on a regular basis, Skillshare teachers are able to compound their earnings, making more and more money over time. Take it from one of our top-earning teachers Jake Bartlett:

“Each time I post a new class, all of my existing followers get a notification with an "enroll now" button. Having that set of followers to get my class trending on the front page has been huge for my classes. On top of that, anyone who is finding me for the first time through a new class naturally discovers the other classes I'm teaching--so my older classes get a boost as well. It's a snowball effect, and it only gets bigger the more often you're creating new content.”  

To help illustrate that "snowball effect" of teaching lots of classes, we've created the infographic below based on average dollar per enrollment earnings. Here, we’ll compare two Skillshare teachers’ success over the course of the winter; Teacher A publishes one class in January, while Teacher B publishes in January, February, and March. Spoiler alert: looks like Teacher B is going somewhere nice for Spring Break!

P.S.  The most popular classes on Skillshare are increasingly bite-sized (10-25 minutes of total video content), which means teaching often is easier than you think! Learn more about building your following and maximizing your earnings in the Teacher Handbook, and get started on your next class today.