How Your New Class Is Boosting Your Channel Enrollments

“I’m worried that my newest class isn’t getting as many enrollments as my last one.”

If you’re publishing new classes to Skillshare on a regular basis (which we hope you are!), this is a thought that may have crossed your mind. It’s possible that not every class you publish will be as popular as your last, but there’s no reason to fret. Regardless of the number of enrollments in each of the individual classes you publish, teaching on a regular basis directly results in the growth of your Skillshare channel over time and helps you establish a consistent source of income.

Let’s take a “behind-the-scenes” look at how it works. The following data is based on an actual teacher’s channel:

Your monthly royalty payments are calculated based on the number of new Premium enrollments across all of your classes each month. As such, it’s natural to feel concerned if your newest class isn’t as popular as your previous ones. But behind the scenes, your newest class is actually acting as a doorway to new enrollments in your older classes.

You can see in the visual above that even though this teacher’s fourth class wasn’t as popular as the previous three, the month it was published was still successful overall (180 total enrollments), since the new class led to enrollments in the older classes. By publishing often, this teacher was able to build a successful channel and maintain a consistent source of income.

How exactly did the new class (even though it was less popular) lead to new enrollments in the older classes, resulting in a successful month overall? Let’s take a closer look at the month of June:

Only new classes can “trend” in our class listings, which means that new classes are much easier for students to discover. While this teacher’s newest class only resulted in 50 enrollments in its first month, it temporarily floated up near the top of the its category’s Trending page, helping to create more visibility for the teacher’s channel overall.

The newest class may not have been the most popular topic, but its presence on the Trending page led new students to see the teacher’s channel and enroll in older classes. This allowed the teacher’s earnings to remain relatively consistent, regardless of the popularity of the newest class.

Many of the most successful teachers on Skillshare have grown their channel by teaching often, understanding that it’s the best way to maximize enrollments and build a student following. Plus, the most popular classes on Skillshare are bite-sized, so teaching regularly isn’t as hard as it seems!

Learn more about teaching again and building your channel in the Teacher Handbook, and get started on your next class today.