How to Market Your Class and Grow Your Following

Marketing your Skillshare class once it's published is one of the best ways to ensure you're successful as a teacher. Based on Skillshare's trending algorithm, classes have the highest potential to trend during the first two weeks after publication; so if you've recently published a class, or are in the process of creating one now,  this would be a great time to start thinking about your marketing plan.

Promoting your new class to your existing networks and followers is a smart place to start, but what about those first-time teachers who are still working on growing their following? We haven't forgotten about you! Here are some tips and tools to help you market your class and grow your following:

1. Use your referral link: You can find your special referral link in the lefthand toolbar of your class creator. By sharing that link with friends and followers, you'll be promoting your class, while also earning extra revenue! You will earn $10 for each new paying member you refer. You can also track your referrals to date on the Premium Referrals page within your account Settings. Read more about how Skillshare teachers earn money through referrals here.

2. Make your class (temporarily) free: Because classes have the highest potential to trend in their first two weeks on the site, this is an ideal time to lower the barrier to enrollment by making your class free. To do so, just head to the "More Details" section of your class creator and toggle your class to "Free" under "Class Type." You can switch it back to "Premium" once you've reached 25 students, or whenever you'd like. Read more here.

3. Reach out to blogs: Send a short message to 10-15 blogs or publications to see if they’d be interested in featuring your class to their readership. Make sure to target your list of blogs to reach out to based on your class topic and audience! Check out this example of Skillshare teacher Jennifer Coyle's class being featured in Creative Market's blog.

4. Incentivize others to share your class: When reaching out to blogs or other external networks, include a special free enrollment link for their readers/followers as a nice bonus. You can create your free enrollment link in the "Links" section of your class creator, and set the maximum number of redemptions to whatever you'd like. While these free enrollments will not be factored into your monthly royalty payments, they will help your class to trend. Plus, for every new member that signs up through that free enrollment link, just like with your teacher referral link. Check out how the Besotted blog used Skillshare teacher Bonnie Christine's free enrollment link to promote her class!

By combining the tactics above, you'll be well on your way to marketing your new class and gaining new followers as well.

P.S. Haven't gotten around to teaching your first class yet? Head to our Teach Page for more info to get started today.