How To Get Your Class Featured on Skillshare

Skillshare is an open platform, which not only means that everyone can teach but that everyone has the same chance to succeed. By following our class merchandising and marketing tips, your newest class has the potential to rise to the top, sending you on your way to Skillshare stardom.

What does it mean to "rise to the top" and what happens to classes that do?

You've likely seen the Classes page on Skillshare (, but did you know that it’s defaulted to a "Trending" display view?

Since Trending is the default view, this is where most students discover new classes. Classes that "trend" and rise to the first 10 slots of this page enroll the most students.

There are also Trending pages for each category on Skillshare. For example, if you click on "Photography" from the left-side bar on the Classes page, you are also defaulted to view trending photography classes. This means that you can rise to the top of your class category page and see the same effects!

How do you get on a Trending page in the first place?

Once you've enrolled 25 students in your class, it will automatically appear on the main Trending page, as well as your category's Trending page. 

How do you rise to the top of a Trending page?

All classes with at least 25 students are designated a Trending Score and displayed in order of their scores from highest to lowest. Enrollments, Projects Created, and Student Reviews all contribute to your Trending Score.

Classes are given a bump to their Trending score during their first two weeks, so this is when you have the biggest opportunity to trend. The sooner you reach 25 students, the better! Classes that reach 25 students within the first 5 days are the most likely to trend to the top. Enrollments, projects, and positive reviews all go a long way in helping your class rise.

What tactics can I use to get my class to the top?

There are a variety of tactics you can use to help your class rise in the ranks. Of course, the most important step is to create an engaging and high-quality class that students will love! Here are the 3 other impactful things you can do to boost your class to the top:

#1 Merchandise your class

Merchandising is the way your class is packaged on site, and great merchandising grabs student attention. A few small details go a long way to increase visibility, click-throughs, and student enrollments. Optimize your class for discovery by having a clear title, a visually appealing cover image and 4-5 relevant, popular skills. For more tips on merchandising, check out this post with 5 Tips for Merchandising Your Skillshare Class.

#2 Encourage your friends and family to support you by enrolling

Ask your close community to check out your class on Skillshare and encourage them to support you by giving feedback and starting a class project. This is a great tactic for every teacher but especially for first-time teachers. The best part? You can let your friends and family enroll in your class for free using a free enrollment link! Create your free enrollment link in the "Promote" section of your class creator. Learn more about using a free enrollment link here.

#3 Market your class to your social media followers, on blogs, Facebook groups, and anywhere else you live online

Spread the word and share your class on any and every social channel you partake in. Be sure to use your class referral link (also located in the “Promote” section). With this link, students will be prompted to sign up for a Premium Membership with their credit card, but they'll get their first 3 months of Premium for only $0.99! Be sure to let your followers know about this special offer when you share your link. Learn more about using your class referral link here.