A Closer Look at Skillshare’s Trending Algorithm

At Skillshare, anyone can be a teacher. Our platform is built upon the principle of meritocracy; whether you happen to be a famous expert in your field or are just passionate about what you do, we believe that the quality of your content should speak for itself. Today, we’d love to share one of the most effective and exciting ways in which we ensure success for our best classes and teachers: our trending algorithm. We hope this information will empower you to optimize your class to find success on Skillshare.

Trending on Skillshare

When a student comes to Skillshare to browse and enroll in classes, the default sort for discovering classes is by “Trending.” Trending classes are determined entirely based on an algorithm we created to capture the attributes of our most enjoyable and engaging classes. The specifics of the algorithm are constantly evolving, but its purpose remains the same: to surface the most popular classes determined by the members of our community.

The rules behind the algorithm

Our algorithm functions according to a series of simple rules set in place to account for both quality and freshness of content. All classes with at least 25 student enrollments are designated a Trending Score according to a number of factors, including Enrollments, Projects Created, and Student Reviews.

The algorithm gathers points for the previous 2 weeks to determine each class’s Trending Score. To ensure freshness of content, newer classes are given a slight bump to their score for their first 2 weeks on Skillshare. Classes are then displayed in order of Trending Score, from highest to lowest.

Keep your class trending

The quality of your class is the most important factor that will lead to a high Trending Score -- and ultimately to success on our platform. Here are some additional ways to optimize your class for success based on our algorithm:

  1. Market your class, especially when it’s new on the site. Sharing your class with your own network is a great way to drive virality and enrollments, and it will be particularly impactful in the first 2 weeks. We have several sharing tools in place to help you spread the word about your class, such as your personal teacher referral link, as well as free enrollment links. Click here for more details.
  2. Engage with your students. Students love to hear from you, and it's an especially awesome way to both encourage project creation and boost positive reviews. There are many ways in which you can easily engage, for example we recommend “liking” every student’s project and hosting a teacher AMA (Ask Me Anything). Check out more specifics on student engagement here.
  3. Stay up-to-date. If students aren’t creating projects for your class, it may be time for an updated assignment. If you’re seeing negative reviews, you should absolutely take feedback into account and make any necessary adjustments. By keeping your lessons and project assignment fresh, you’ll be sure to increase engagement, positive reviews and enrollment.

Finally, our best piece of advice is to keep teaching. Continuing to generate new content -- whether it’s a new resource or discussion in an existing class, or a brand new class that you’re excited to share--is a surefire way to both re-engage current students and attract new ones. You can learn more about teaching again here.

Whether you’re an experienced Skillshare teacher or a new student considering sharing your skills, we hope you’ve found this information helpful. As always, our Teacher Handbook is a great resource for anyone considering teaching on Skillshare, and of course you can reach us at teach@skillshare.com if you have any other questions.

Hope to see you trending soon!