How Focused Class Topics Are Making Teaching Easier Than Ever Before

Have you thought about teaching but aren’t sure what topic to focus on? We’ve found that more and more students are interested in focused classes that center on a specific skill or project.

Some of our most successful classes have just 20-60 minutes of video content. Not sure how you can share your skill or passion through a focused class? Check out 5 of our favorites from the platform that show just how easy it is to teach an amazing bite-sized class across any topic!

1. Building Trust Between Photographer and Client: Capturing Emotion Evoking Images by Morgan Whitney (20 min)

  • Morgan highlights a specific aspect of Photography that is essential within the field but often overlooked: the relationship between client and photographer.
  • She keeps it focused by providing just three tips to build trust, explaining them in detail.
  • Her class incorporates a lightweight project that allows students to start building the relationship by researching their client.

Try it out: Create a simple class project that allows students to get started right away and flex their creative muscles.

2. Create your Own Floral Centerpiece by Anne Kim (11 min)

  • Anne has a passion for floral arrangements, but she keeps her class specialized by  honing in on a particular style: Centerpieces
  • She uses just a few materials in her arrangement, making it easier for students to try out
  • Her focused topic allows her to explain her creative decisions in more depth, giving students insight into her process. 

Try it out:  Know a variety of ways to create or build something? Choose one and explain your creative process.

3. Salad in A Jar: Inspiring Healthy Living by Margaret Lynn (14 min)

  • Rather than teaching a class on “Healthy Living”, Margaret zooms in one technique she uses to plan out her meals to save time and eat healthy. 
  • Margaret keeps her class focused by giving an overview of preparation of ingredients, providing a few recipes that students can try out, and how to build the salad jar. 
  • She makes her project easily accessible to students by allowing them to create their own salad jar and share it in the Project Gallery. 

Try it out: Think about a skill you feel confident in and then zoom in on one aspect of it to create a simple and focused bite-sized class.

4. Copywriting for Startups by Allison Esposito (15 min)

  • Allison focuses her class on a specific aspect of copywriting: creating a landing page.
  • Her class uses slides and a screencast filming technique to make creating the class at home really easy.
  • She gives students a simple template that they can use to begin their writing, making it easy for them to start the class project. 

Try it out: Have a tool, template, or process you swear by? Focus your class on that specific element and encourage students to apply it to their own work.  

5. Confident Watercolors: Brushes by Amarilys Henderson (14 min)

  • Amarilys shares foundational knowledge that professionals and amateurs alike can benefit from
  • Her class hones in on a tool that any artist will find useful
  • The class project is lightweight and easy to start, allowing students to explore the various brush strokes by painting on scrap paper

Try it out: Have a lot of knowledge about one topic? Create a bite-sized foundational class that students can apply to many different contexts.

Ready to start you own bite-sized class? Head to today. We can’t wait to see what you’ll share!