3 Ways To Make $1,000 On Skillshare This Month

Our top 100 teachers made an average of $1300 in February, but they didn’t all get there the same way. Here are three different ways you can earn some serious dough teaching on Skillshare:

Teachers Jamie and Jake use their monthly Skillshare income to spend more time with their new baby. 

1. Teach One Killer Class

As a teacher, you get paid $1-2 for every Premium member who enrolls in your class. When you publish a class and it starts to trend, it can gain momentum really quickly as over 1 million users discover it on Skillshare. With 15% of classes enrolling more than 500 students, lots of teachers can pay their rent with earnings from a single class.

2. Build A Channel

Fall short of 500 students with your first class? Don’t worry. Skillshare is designed for teaching 10-25 minute, bite-sized classes on a regular basis, and rewards you for it. Because your followers get notified every time you publish a class, enrolling students gets easier every time. Plus, there’s the snowball effect — get a boost in enrollments in your old classes as new students discover you. Pro tip: instead of teaching a 1-hour class, think about breaking your topic down into shorter, specific chunks.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.20.55 PM

Christine Fleming's Art School Boot Camp breaks down design concepts into a bite-sized series.

3. Sit Back and Relax

Because you earn money for every student who enrolls in your classes, forever, you make money even in the months you don’t publish a class. 40% of teachers who made over $1000 last month didn’t publish a new class. They just continued to enroll students in older classes, engage with those students, and voila! Passive income for months and months.