Update: Simplified Algorithm For Skillshare Royalty Payments

We’re making a slight update to our payment model. Starting April 1st, we’re removing projects from our payment equation. Our New Payment Model:

Payments Graphic

Why are we removing projects from payments?

We’ve heard you loud and clear; our payment formula is confusing! In an effort to give you more transparency into how you impact your revenue by teaching and marketing your classes, we’re removing projects from the equation. Starting April 1st, you’ll only need to look at the enrollments in your class to estimate your payment on the 16th.

Are you paying teachers less?

No! We’re giving the same total share of revenue to teachers in this new model, it’s just distributed entirely based on enrollments. The revenue we do keep we invest back into Skillshare to pay for marketing, video hosting, and salaries.

Why are projects still important?

Projects help your class trend. The higher your class trends, the more students enroll in your class, and the more money you earn!  All classes with at least 25 students are designated a Trending Score according to the following point system and displayed in order of their scores from highest to lowest:

    • Free Enrollment: 1 point
    • Premium Enrollment: 2 points
    • Project Created: 10 points
    • Positive Review: 10 points
    • Negative Review: -10 points

Don’t forget, you also earn $10 for every person you bring to Skillshare who signs up for a free trial (they don’t even have to pay!) Because we send payments on the 16th of every month, your first payment will be affected by this change for the month of April on 5/16. Reach out to teach@skillshare.com with any questions.